About linen

Linen is a valuable fabric for the future. Clearly, linen meets the demands of today’s consumers who are rejecting the excessive use of energy and moving towards something more sustainable. Well-being is becoming a luxury. 

Linen, with its natural feel and finish, is both sophisticated and comfortable. It’s got a life of its own, and due to its irregular fibre, the texture is visible to the eye. The fabric is timeless: not only does it improve with age and use, it never goes out of fashion. And for this reason, it’s perfect for slow fashion. Linen is valued for its suppleness, lightness, durability, and thermo-regulatory qualities. It is absorbent and comfortable. This guarantees a feeling of well-being!


Linen is..

Sustainable - Flax = zero waste - Ecologically responsible - Respect for the environment


Linen is made of flax. Flax farming has a minimal environmental impact and requires no irrigation, only rain water. There’s no waste produced with flax, as every part of the plant is used; the long and short fibres, seeds and shive. Linen is a European specialty being the only vegetable textile fibre originating on the continent. Flax fibres are found mainly in an area of France, stretching from Normandy to Nord, and into Belgium and the Netherlands.  A natural humid oceanic climate, loamy soil and generations of experience: the perfect situation to guarantee quality and natural products.

European flax has a clear advantage!

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